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Climate Change/Global Warming: Give Washington & the U.N. control over the economy or we'll all die!

This is the hub on my website for all my articles on climate change/global warming/dirty weather/weird weather/climate disruption/whatever they're calling it today.

These were all written what seems like ages ago & are in dire-need of being expanded or updated. I will leave them as they are & if anything else needs to be said on those topics, it'll be contained in a new article. Here's my first article on Global Warming/Climate Change, click on that & you can follow it through all the way to the 4th piece. Below I will have a special space for anything I write on a particular climatological subject, the first being Global Warming & its evil twin brother, Ocean Acidification.

On climate change/global warming, CO2 & the Leaf Area Index. The Greening of Planet Earth

Debunking Malthusian predictions concerning crop failures, falling crop yields, oceanfront property in Alberta, "the end of snow" (or the beginning of blizzards) megadroughts, climate tipping points, dogs & cats living together--MASS HYSTERIA!

Global Warming & Ocean Acidification

Global Warming/Climate Change on Antarctica & in the Southern Ocean vicinity